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Client Testimonials 

"Alex has always been a friendly, happy and knowledgeable chef in our home. He has made simple dishes into gourmet, tasty delights."

-April D.

“Alex cooks excellent food! His menu is varied & seasonal to a particularly high standard. He has a knack for presentation, is personable and warm, plus is very attentive to individual requests. Absolutely exceptional dining. Highly recommend!” -Kajsa P.

“Alex makes countless meals for me and they’ve always been outstanding. He’s a consummate pro and his breakfast burritos are absolutely f%#@ing legendary!”

-Paul N.

"Alex has periodically come to our home for the last year to prepare meals. They are delicious, tantalizing and amazing! He has a deep understanding of spices and how to apply them to make a delicious meal. The best."

-Michael D.

"Alex has consistently impressed me with his technique, recipe selection, and growth. He has gracefully navigated several severe dietary restrictions to produce a wide variety of flavorful nutritious meals. I'm always excited to try what he creates next!"


"Out of all the observatories around the world, the Palomar Mountain Observatory 

serves the best food! The only complaint is eating too much food because it's so tasty!"

-Cal Tech Management Team

"Alex has prepared quite a few meals for us. We’ve never been disappointed and always pleasantly surprised with his amazing creations and flavors! He has a fun and loving personality you and your guests will surely enjoy!


5 Star Quality Restaurant Food all made from scratch  -Terri

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