There I was...the start of my chef life...age,...4 years old...

You can probably agree with me when I say that "time flies"! Surely it does! When I look back at my life I never thought that I would serve people as a professional chef...but as I think about it now, I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life! It truly fills my heart and soul knowing that I can enhance the quality of peoples lives though 'the art of cooking with love'! 

I owe much to my grandmother Frances Chiaramonte, who was truly a holy woman when it came to the way she served others. My mom always told me stories of her cooking for hundreds of people at church gatherings, family parties, & special events. As the youngest grandchild of 12 I remember always being in the kitchen with her at family gatherings helping her with this, that, & the other, learning from her secret ways! This is surely where I embodied the passion for selfless service through the art of cooking with love!

Now, I am immensely grateful to be able to serve every person with my love & devotion by creating meaningful meals that taste delicious & bring joy to peoples soul! I sincerely pray that I am able to serve you & your people at your next event or with special meal plans....& in the process, share my loving kindness & make a friend while I'm at it! 

Text or call me anytime at (760)315-9323.

I genuinely look forward to having a meaningful conversation with you!

- Alex -